Automatic fire extinguisher 580 ml

Classical sprinkler systems fire extinguishers are very expensive, demands regular maintenance and makes extensive collateral damages when operates. The best alternative to this solution is Flamauto.

Flamauto is an automatic fire extinguisher, specially developed as a part of fire protection systems for professional electrical equipment, like transformers, coils, electric motors and other devices, but can also protect IT servers and other sensitive IT equipment, without collateral damages. It can also be used in manufacturing plants to protect machines with electric motors and electronic control units.

It activates and extinguishes fire when the solution reaches the temperature of 84 oC. The glass ampoule automatically bursts/open the dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire and eliminates smoke in extinguishing area practically without collateral damages.

Solution remains on the extinguished surfaces as a coating which prevents re-ignition.

Flamauto is designed for indoor use only.


Fire classes : 

Certificates :

Technical data :

Classes of fire: A, B, C, F and electrical devices
Protected area: up to 16 m³ enclosed space per unit depending of fire protection demands
Operating temp: -20 °C to 70 °C
Storage temp: -20 °C to 70 °C
Volume: 580 ml active solution
Material: glass (ampoule), tin (holder)
Warranty: 10 years
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