Fire Delete


Fire extinguisher spray 400 ml

Fire Delete is fire extinguishing spray for extinguishing of minor and initial fires, whatever their cause. It is extremely practical and easy to use for any person without any fire fighting training or education, even for child and very old and infirm persons.
The dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire, and eliminates smoke in extinguishing area. Solution remains on the extinguished surfaces as a coating which prevents re-ignition.

It is possible to mount Fire Delete on the wall, with practical holder, and to use it as replacement for traditional fire extinguishers. Maintenance is not necessary for 5 years

Fire Delete fire extinguishing spray uses for extinguishing of solids – fire class A (wood, paper, textiles…) and liquids – fire class B (gasoline, diesel fuel …) as well as for edible fats and oil – fire class F, and can also be used to extinguish fire at live electrical equipment with voltages up to 1.000 Volts if the minimum distance of 1 m is maintained.

Cooling effect of Fire Delete fire extinguishing spray can be used to cool surfaces and protect some items from fire.

Why just Fire Delete?

  • Easy to place and access
  • Instantly usable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Safe to use
  • Great extinguishing power and wide scope of operation
  • No collateral damages
  • Eco-friend product


Suitable fire classes :

Certificates :

Technical data :


Classes of fire: A, B, F and low voltage electrical devices (up to 1.000 V)
Range of action: up to 6 m
Discharge time: at least 20 seconds
Propellant: nitrogen (N)
Operating temp: -5 °C to 55 °C
Storage temp: -5 °C to 55 °C
Volume: 500 ml active solution
Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 400 ml active solution, 650 ml total volume
Material: aluminium (tank), plastics (other parts)
Warranty: 5 years
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